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FIFA 20 Price and New Features

The FIFA 19 career mode is stagnant. Ultimate Team gets a facelift every year and constant attention throughout the season, yet EA consistently fails to improve career mode in any meaningful sense. Right now, it’s basically the same as it was five years ago – but that won’t be the case if the mega-publisher takes note of our FIFA 20 career mode features wishlist.

Taking your favourite team of minnows to Champions League glory in FIFA 19 remains fun, but no longer feels surprising, or special. Fixing the mode requires more than a new lick of white paint: EA needs to add major new features, get rid of the tired ones, and rework those that aren’t up to scratch.We, like many of you, are hoping that next season will be the year this once-colossal behemoth finally gets the love it deserves.

It's something that some recognisable names from the FA are behind too, especially given the potential financial impact.“This campaign, when successful, will make a real commercial difference to the financial challenges facing non-league football – in addition to putting a smile on the faces of some of the most devoted fans in the world,” added David Bernstein, former FA chairman. By the way, you can buy cheap FIFA Ultimate Team 20 Coins from, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “ MMOCSVIP ”.

It's not an impossible ask: EA Sports included the Chinese Super League in the series' last outing. And while that was as much a play to court the massive Chinese market as anything else, it showed at least that EA isn't adverse to bringing lesser-known teams and players to the table.For now however, the contents of FIFA 20 remain shrouded in secrecy. But we can have made some educated guesses, from FIFA 20 release date speculation to the new modes potentially on the way, in our dedicated FIFA 20 round up with all you need to know about what's coming.

As the years go on, video games prices have spiralled out of control somewhat. You can even purchase in-game content to improve your user experience even further, but before you do that, you'll likely have to fork out a minimum of £60 to pick up this year's edition.Special 'Champions' and 'Ultimate' editions of the game will also be available for those players who wish to have their version loaded with pre-purchased additional content.Prepare to part with at least £80 and £90 respectively in order to get those in your basket though.

FIFA 19 saw the third and final instalment of The Journey, which was a role-playing mode mapping out the career of fictional player Alex Hunter. It remains to be seen how EA Sports will replace the mode in FIFA 20. It is certainly possible that a similar mode will be rolled out, but it would have to be more than just The Journey repackaged if it is to excite fans. Alternatively, instead of producing a fresh game mode, EA could blend the best features from The Journey into Career Mode, for example.